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We're aware that many tuition agencies simply provide their students with worksheets and expect them to silently work away in their session using their own methods, that is not how it's done here. Here at Private Tutors 'R' Us we start off with a psychometric assessment with which we analyse the students' way of thinking in order for us to establish the best possible way to teach the student. Once we have understood how to teach the student we quickly teach the student how to learn and work smart. There's no point working hard if one doesn't work smart, and therefore it is important for the students to know the different ways in which they can memorise different bits of information and what the best method is to learn different things. Obviously, since we are patently aware that 'one size does not fit all', we bespoke the techniques for each individual student.




Very grateful for the support I received at Private Tutors 'R' Us as well as all the sevrices they provide like exam techs


Amazing tuition centre helping students realise our infinite potential


Good learning environment with a lot of support and all the resources you could possibly need


I joined two years ago, and since then I have improved a lot in both subjects. the environment is very supportive and friendly


I really enjoy studying in this environment since there's no pressure or fear of embarrassment if I get something wrong


Great learning environment with people who help you as much as they can and want you to do as well as possible



I joined five years ago and have always felt very well supported in this learning environment


When I first started, I was very hesitant but was quickly impressed by the facilities and resources they have. I love the atmosphere and hospitality they offer. The level of tutoring is also of a very high quality helping me through both GCSEs and A levels


The facilities and resources are great and the tutoring itself is amazing. The centre is clean and has a nice atmosphere


Thanks to the tutors at PTRUS, I have progressed significantly in all my school subjects


When I first started I was quite shy about learning in this environment, but this place was very welcoming and encouraged me


The lessons are fun and productive at the same time, and the staff are extremely welcoming



I enjoy the lessons and have seen a big improvement in myself since I started studying here; I'm glad that any concept I don't understand in school I can ask my tutor to help me with


Good teaching environment, friendly and welcoming staff, saw a massive improvement in my grades  


Great atmosphere, the staff are really friendly and helpful. There are also great resources


When I first started, my English skills were average, but now I can analyse texts better and formulate an essay properly. I was also very surprised on how welcoming the tutors are


Love the atmosphere, feels like a safe place to learn and make mistakes


Love the atmosphere and the teaching standard delivered here. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a tuition centre which practices what it preaches



I really enjoy coming here because all the staff are very helpful and they explain everything in detail; the staff are also incredibly positive and motivating


Unlike the typical tuition agency, PTRUS has helped me achieve the GCSE grades that I wanted through its various methods. I like the fact that the teaching delivered is tailored specifically to each individual as oppose to the standard 'one size fits all approach'


The tutors are very nice and help you with whatever work you need help with, even if it's school work


Private Tutors 'R' Us is a fantastic learning environment and acts as an amazing learning ground for me and others


Most of the work I do gets done here since the tuition centre is the place where I can concentrate the most. Here we work hard but also have fun at the same time which I like


My family has been coming to Private Tutors 'R' Us for the last eight years. My sixteen and ten year old boys have excelled significantly in all these years thanks to the staff here. Thank you Reena, this place is nothing like the other tuition centres

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