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Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open?

Our opening hours are regularly updated on our Google page. There, you will also find our most accurate opening hours during the holiday seasons.

Is your staff fully qualified?

All our tutors are CRB cleared and enrolled in our specialised teaching induction prior to delivering any lessons.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer masterclasses which are eight hour intense classes which are discounted heavily. for more information, please contact the staff at Private Tutors 'R' Us.

Do you work alongside what my child is learning at school?

Yes and no. Usually a student will be enrolled into Private Tutors 'R' Us and the staff will help the student with what he/she is doing at school, however in most cases the student surpasses his/her class at school and therefore the staff continue teaching that student what he/she will learn next in school and so on.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment give us a call on 020 8842 4125, email us at or walk in to our centre when we're open.


Why do you use laptops and tablets?

We're aware that not all students have access to the internet and therefore we provide resources by which students can access the internet to support their learning, e.g. access a past paper.

From what age can my child be enrolled?

You can enrol any child age five and up. The quicker a child is enrolled into Private Tutors 'R' Us, the quicker he/she can be helped to achieve his/her potential.

What do I do if I can't make it into my session?

Any session that hasn't been cancelled with a 24 hour notice will still be billed; in order to cancel or move a session, students should give the staff a call and let them know.

Do you teach students with disabilities?

Yes, we teach students of all different abilities; the psychometric assessment each student does prior to being fully enrolled with Private Tutors 'R' Us is sent off to a group of educational psychologists who analyse the results and inform the tutors of the best ways and methods of teaching each individual child.

Do you offer any courses for adult learners?

Yes, throughout the year we have various different courses available including courses on managing money, writing a CV. These courses are by no means exclusive to adults, they are also available to students and young adults.


How do I pay for sessions?

Sessions are paid for in cash. We understand that you may be extremely busy one week and unable to make adjustments to your schedule which is why we work on a 'pay as you go' basis in regards to payment. 

What measures are you taking to keep your students safe from Covid-19?

To ensure the safety of both our staff and the students, we sanitise each desk and book in-between sessions, we're only letting a limited number of students back to maintain social distancing, and all members of staff wear masks and face shields at all times!

What should my child bring with them?

Although we store all learning materials and have our own stationary shop within the centre, students are advised to come to sessions with an exercise book, their pencil case and a water bottle.

Can your students do multiple different subjects with you?

Yes, all students can have as many sessions as they wish (subject to availability) and can be taught whatever subject they want which is offered by us; it is recommended to only do one subject per one hour session.

Do you help with applications like the personal statement and the 11 Plus?

Yes, we provide special personal statement sessions every single year in order to help students with their personal statements.


What is the duration of each session?

Each session is an hour long; it is recommended to only be taught one subject per hour.

Do you offer block discounts?

Yes we do, for further information please call us on  020 8842 4125 or email us at

How can I check my child's progress?

Feedback is given at the end of each session, alternatively for a more thorough conversation you can book an appointment with one of the tutors.

Can you recommend books to supplement my child's learning?

Yes, we have discounts available with CGP, Hodder Galore and a number of other publishers; you can order through our shop or phone in.

Can we book extra classes during the holidays?

Yes you can! To get in touch with a member of staff to book holiday sessions you can either drop by the centre and speak to a member of staff in person, email us on or call us on 020 8842 4125.


Tips and Tricks

Many students employ note taking as a primary form of study and revision, therefore it is important to master an effective approach whereby you are working smart, not just working hard.

Check your notes against your syllabus! ~ Why?

Well, you would agree, there is no point learning things which are not going to help towards your studies, therefore it is really important to check your notes against your syllabus, in order to ensure that you have covered all the material that you will be examined on. Also so that you know which material you do not need to know

Make notes using your own words! ~ Why?

If you try noting down concepts in your own words, you are more likely to remember them! Obviously, these notes will not be seen by the examiner, so you can use the type of language, in your notes, that speaks to you.

Make use of diagrams, tables and mindmaps in your notes! ~ Why

Strings of sentences alone can be boring in a textbooks, so why would it be any more interesting in your own notes? Simple tables, diagrams, etc, can often save a lot of time and space whilst helping you remember the same material.

Read trough the material at least once before taking notes! ~ Why?

This allows your brain to familiarise itself with the material and orientate itself. So then when you're taking notes, you're reading it for the second times and so it helps your brain store the information and helps you to remember it more easily.

Do not just copy out of the book! ~ Why?

This is an example of passive learning, the temptation to just switch off the processing part of the brain and just sit there copying. You will be spending what feels like hours of study time, which heavily limits how much you will actually learn and remember!

Do not just rely on the books given by school! ~ Why?

Most books used in schools are general in terms of the students they are targeting for. Even though most of the books might be specific to your syllabus, it does not mean that it is suited for every student. You may need or want more detail or less detail to help you individually understand and memorise material.

Do not make notes on anything you don't understand! ~ Why?

Well duh, what would be the point of noting things down if you have no idea what it even means?! Ask your teachers, tutors or peers, and ask again and again if necessary until you have fully understood the material you are trying to learn. Your brain is like a filing cupboard, from which you can only retrieve a file, if you know where it is filed in the first place! How can you file away information if you don't know where it belongs?

Do not think that reading a book and making notes = Revision! ~ Why?

Revision refers to the process of reviewing and improving upon things you have learnt or been taught. Effective revision involves recalling concepts, facts and techniques by attempting and carrying out recall. This means reading over notes, memorising, making sure you understand the material and then trying to write it down without looking at your notes. Also try reading out your notes aloud, this way it helps you stay focused rather than drifting off and will help you understand your work more.

Do not waste time on making your notes look pretty! ~ Why?

The examiner is not going to see your notes and that is the person that counts, trust us on that! As long as your notes are legible and you can refer back to them for revision, who cares if the underlining is perfect or if the diagrams and annotations aren't colour coded?!


About Us

Private Tutors 'R' Us is a private tuition agency set up in 1999 and is based in Hayes, Middlesex. Over the years our organisation has helped in excess of 300,000 students achieve their goals. The agency was founded in response to demand for a holistic approach to learning, which not only prepares students for exams but fosters learning techniques to succeed in all aspects of their academic and vocational goals.

Our pass mark at each academic tier has been unrivalled and the programmes of study undertaken have made significant improvements across the students’ other subjects as well.

Aside from teaching most subjects taught in schools across the country, we also teach students how to learn; anyone can work hard, but there’s no use in working hard if you don’t work smart hence why we teach students the different methods by which learning is made simpler and how students can be more efficient with the information they are engaging with.

We provide support for students from age 4 and up and offer sessions/lessons for general school improvement sessions, SATs, 11 Plus, GCSE, A Levels and University studies.

Private Tutors 'R' Us offers centre-based learning

All our tutors are CRB cleared and enrolled in our specialised teaching induction prior to delivering any lessons.

Sessions are offered in various ways including one-to-one sessions, group sessions, online coaching, distance learning and more.

Private Tutors 'R' Us is committed to delivering learning, tailored specifically to individual needs.

We do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach and hence each student is assessed, and a programme of study is built accordingly

Here at Private Tutors ‘R’ Us we offer numerous services including one-to-one tuition, group tuition classes, 11 Plus coaching, university entrance exam preparation, personal statement preparation, exam technique sessions, and many more.

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