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We are a private tuition company specialising in all fields of learning, from 11 Plus support to Oxbridge interview preparation, we've got you covered! Scroll down to see a full list of all our services, and whenever you're ready to get in contact with us, just scroll to the bottom of any page to see our contact details or alternatively go to our 'Contact Us' page.

Our Services

1:1 Tuition​

We specialise in 1:1 tuition and teach many subjects including Maths, English, Science and many more

Group Tuition

Towards the second half of the academic year, our group sessions commence. Our group sessions consist of students in the same age range wanting extra help on particular topics

11 Plus Coaching

We help students prepare for the 11 Plus exam in order to gain entry into grammar schools

Personal Statement Session

We specialise in taking over the personal statement process from draft design, content management through to final editing. alternatively, we also have our personal statement proofing service for those who have already put something together

University Selection Test Preparation

We help students understand the relevant skills, knowledge and techniques needed in order to pass university admission tests including the LNAT, BMAT, UKCAT, and many more

Interview Preparation

We help students understand the necessary and essential skills they need to master in order to navigate the interview and selection process for university entry

Exam Technique Sessions

In order to identify and rectify any mistakes students may be making during exam times, we also offer exam technique sessions in which students participate in practice mock exams and we examine not only the exam papers, but also the student's performance in order to identify any potential exam fright a student may be suffering from

Learning Technique Sessions

There's no point in working hard if one doesn't work smart as well, hence why we teach students the different methods by which they can learn different types of information, as well as retain it for as long as possible

Language Learning Lessons

Being multilingual is an important tool to have, hence why we offer language learning courses; we offer English, French Spanish, Italian, Latin and many more

Vacation Masterclasses

Many people don't do any work whatsoever during holidays and half-term, we see holidays as an opportunity to boost ahead of everyone else, hence why we offer intensive vacation masterclasses in all subjects we teach

Specification Checks

When a student is consistently getting A*s/distinctions, then he/she qualifies to take part in a specification check, in which he/she is asked specific questions (viva voce), about every single topic/section of the subject they're being assessed on, e.g. in a chemistry specification check for a GCSE student, the student will be asked questions on every single topic in the specification

Psychometric Testing

Prior to students fully being enrolled into our teaching practice, we ask the students to take part in an hour long psychometric test which allows our educational psychologists to determine whether there are any learning difficulties and bespoke our teaching approach for each individual learner.


"Very helpful staff who helped me not only become a better learner, but also a more independent person"


A Level

Chemical Engineering

University of Birmingham

"A great learning environment with friendly staff and all the right tools needed for academic success"


A Level


University of Nottingham

"PTRUS played a major part in my academic success due to the style of teaching in particular"


A Level


London School of Economics


"Carefully tailored teaching to my own learning style with incredible support and endless amounts of motivation to help me succeed"


A Level

Biomedical Sciences

University of Newcastle

"A tuition centre where they combine fun with intense learning so that you work hard, but have fun at the same time"


A Level

Degree Apprenticeship

Ernst & Young

"A phenomenal learning environment with motivating and caring staff"


A Level


Queen Mary University London


"Thanks to the help I received at PTRUS, I was delighted to see all A*s in my GCSE envelope"



Ten Grade 9s (A*s)

"Every week you learn a lot but not just stuff for the tests, you learn things that will help you throughout life and for this I am incredibly grateful"


11 Plus

Full Scholarship to a Private School

"I'm very appreciative of the help I received at Private Tutors 'R' US, very caring and professional staff"



Nine Grade 9s (A*s)

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